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I love dressage. I work hard to get my horses broke well on the flat. I want them to be round and balanced on their hocks, because collection is how you invisibly create energy when you need it! Also having control of their front end and haunch gives you the handiness you need to jump a beautiful course of jumps in the hunter ring or to jump with the maximum efficiency in the jumper ring. My first love is the jumpers and than hunter derbies. However, I am eligible to ride in the para olympics, which only offers dressage. Rarely do I jump at home…because honestly it isn’t about the jumps, it is about the ride to and in between the jumps that makes it a beautiful ride or not when jumping. It is about the rythym, the self carriage, the creation and diffusion of energy. Watching a high level dressage horse is awesome…..the piaffe, passages, piroettes, extended trot and tempi changes. I do love dressage, one day I want to learn to ride these more difficult movements……who knows, maybe one day you will see me in a dressage competition! I have so much respect for high level dressage riders.


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