Hippodrome Riding

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I really enjoy trick riding.      I can do some of the various trick riding tricks, but true trick riding is done at a full gallop.  I can do some simple tricks riding Puddles on the lounge line, but I am not sure I will be doing much trick riding at a full gallop.  Unfortunately one of the keys to safely trick riding is always having a hold of the saddle with one hand or the other.  Because I only have one hand to hold onto, it is difficult to do the trick and hols onto the saddle.     I believe that I can do anything, but plan to proceed carefully with the trick riding.    I really enjoy playing around with trick riding on my pony “Puddles”!  I can do the Hippodrome stand easily and at a full gallop.  I like riding patterns and riding obstacle courses in a Hippodrome stand.  But as for some of the other trick riding positions at a full gallop, I think I will leave that to the great trick riders out there and stick to the Hippodrome stand.

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