Trick Training

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I taught my pony, Toby how to do tricks several years ago as an alternative to being a fancy hunter pony.  Toby seemed to enjoy it and so did I.  I think Toby realized it was becoming a source of admiration for him.  Teaching tricks needs to be done with care.  When not done without knowledge and care, you and/or your horse can get hurt.  I strongly advise the first time you lay your horse down, that you get the assistance of a professional if you are not completely confidant in what you are doing.  Preparation for teaching tricks is everything.  This preparation is also going to make your horse or pony safer and easier to handle on the ground.  I love trick training.  I am confidant that my horses are now easier to handle on the ground as a result of the ground exercises that I do with them in preparation for trick training.


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