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Our Clients


Various 4-H, pony clubs and youth groups


Various Farms and Riding Programs


Penn State University


Delaware Valley College


Wilson College Equestrian Center


Georgetown Kentucky


Black Hawk College


Wisconsin STOUT

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The Taiji Horsemanship Strategy

Our goal is a simple one….We want to see every horse in a home where they are loved as much as we love ours.  Our strategy is a simple one…..we hope to accomplish this by providing education.

Why Taiji Horsemanship Training WORKS!

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A complete & UNIQUE training progression

Taiji Horsemanship is a training progression that produces quiet, responsive, soft and supple horses to work with both on the ground and in the saddle for any type of work. It is suitable for a beginner rider, young horse or to maintain a high level horse for competition. It is what I use to start and maintain ALL of my horses. It’s focus is on a different skill development order and skill set than most riding programs focus on. It was built from the top down instead from the bottom up. We thought about the end result and created a progression with simple energy diffusing tools to get you there. It starts with the most basic focus of the horse on the ground to solid riding. Rider exercises begin with a focus on balance versus hand and leg. Then instead of moving to your typical kick to go pull to stop once in the saddle, we start a young horse and rider out immediately with simple non-energy lateral development exercises that teaches a horse to be soft, supple, relaxed and enjoyable to ride. A great instructor or coach is somebody that has a deep understanding of their topic and can take something complex and make it easy with small steps that are easy to understand and implement. Through my diverse and extensive work with outstanding trainers in many different facets of the horse world….circus, performance, the “natural horseman”, high performance hunters, jumpers and dressage, this is what I have done with Taiji. It takes different skills and exercises from all these worlds to create a unique training prgression, that produces great horses to handle and ride. [/grid_4] [grid_4 omega] [dropcap][/dropcap]

A solid foundation for advanced work.

Our foundation is great for the recreational rider, but also incorporates the skills needed right from the very beginning to move to more advanced work at a later date.  Our program starts to develop the focus, acceptance, suppleness, fitness and lateral and longitudal ridebility for more advanced work right from the very beginning! [dropcap][/dropcap]

Tools to keep you safe.

Taiji Horsemanship is a training system.  With this system, we try to give you the understanding of a training progression, the tools and the exercises that not only will keep you moving forward, but that will also go a long ways towards keeping both you and your horse safe . The goal is for you and your horse to always be prepared for the task at hand.  We want you to know when are ready to move forward and when you may benefit from revisiting a basic skill.  Not only does this result in the greatest long term results, but it helps to keep both you and your horse safe! [dropcap][/dropcap]

Easy to follow and implement.

We use a ten step presentation format  to present each topic.  We want you to understand the hows and why of each tool and exercise, so you can easy use them and understand how and why each tool or exercise is used.   Each exercise can be used to teach your horse a new skill or be revisited to prepare your horse to learn a more advanced skill! [/grid_4] [clear]]]>