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Taiji Quick Start Over the next few weeks we will be developing this quick start page to walk you through the basic main training progression and providing links to the key videos in each of the IN SYNC topics to give new users a quick start! However, in the meantime we have provided you to the four main links that you need to go through the Taiji Horsemanship program. ALL of our on-line training is FREE! [button text="The Taiji Hrsemanship IN SYNC Series" link="" ] – This is training progression that is at the heart of it all! It includes the five topics: IN FOCUS (getting your horse to focus on you), IN CONTROL (Basic ground control & lounging, IN TOUCH (sensory training for your horse to stay relaxed under any conditions, IN BALANCE (develpment of these most important aid when riding, which is balance) and IN TUNE (the “best” four exercises for under saddle work, easy, safe and super effective, if these exercises are all you do your horse WILL ride soft, supple and be ready to do anything!) [button text="Introduction to Taiji Horsemanship" link="" ] – This is an introductory guide with various aspects of Taiji Horsemanship. Some of the material is a little dry, it is helpful in understanding & successfully implementing Taiji Horsemanship! If you do only one thing on this page. Watch the Taiji Horsemanship 10 principles [button text="The Taiji Training Pyramid" link="" ] – More complex skills are best mastered by learning the small skills that the more complex skill are all build on. The Taiji training pyramid starts from your horse focusing on you on the ground and progresses to having your horse be amazing t ride for any use! The topics in the IN SYNC series will take you up the pyramid. On this page we link you to the materials applicable to each step up the pyramid! [button text="Go to all Taiji Horsemanship Series" link=""] – Please note that on our advanced modules topics, the BOW, LAYDOWN & SIT-UP is the only topic that has been completed and is on-line. The other Series units are still being produced [button text="Taking the Taiji Tests" link=""] – Little quizzes are available at the end of each topic to test your knowledge. We will are in the process of developing a page to acknowledge groups and individuals that have mastered a topic by succesfully completing the various quizzes ]]>