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The Taiji Horsemanship Training System

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Introduction to the Taiji Horsemanship Training System



Taiji Horsemanship is a training system. It encompasses five primary components…FCPMM….FOUNDATION, CHECKLISTS, PRINCIPLES, MINDSET and MASTERY. With Taiji Horsemanship, we aim to provide the streamlined basic tools and exercises that are at the heart of all of our training (FOUNDATION). When training our goal is to have our horses be safe and rideable. These basic tools and exercises are what we use to start our horses, as well as maintain their training and rideability. We teach these basic tools and exercises in the Taiji Horsemanship In Sync Series. The In Sync Series is our foundation training. With training we are always you CHECKLISTS to assess where we are, what we need to do next and what skills we may need to revisit. We don’t hesitate to step back when we need to. We call this the “Dance of Taiji“….three steps forward, two steps back. Throughout all of our training, we constantly incorporate the understanding of some basic PRINCIPLES, which we refer to as the “Taiji Horsemanship Principles“. We feel that MINDSET is very important when working with horses. We aim to always maintain a positive attitude, put our horses first (The Taiji Horsemnship Pledge) and embrace patience and problem solving. Throughout Taiji Horsemanship, as we present each topic, we try to use a standard presentation format. With mastery of a strong basic foundation of training, the use of checklists, an understanding of solid basic principles and the right mindset, you can easily move to more challenging activities with your horse like riding bridleless, trick training, jumping. There is truly no limit to what you and your horse can enjoy together (MASTERY)! .

Understanding & Implementing Taiji Horsemanship Video Tutorials

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